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Juni 10, 2024

New Office Groundbreaking

Along with the massive growth of the company, PT Revass is currently building a new office building that will function as a head office. The construction of this office building shows significant progress towards the business being run.

For more than a decade, PT Revass Utama Medika has taken various strategic actions to support its vision as the best medical device distributor company in Indonesia. Currently PT Revass has a very wide range, which is spread in more than 30 provinces which are divided into 60 major cities and no less than 300 hospitals have collaborated with us.

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The construction of this office building was carried out in various stages of construction. PT Revass cooperates with several trusted partners who are very competent in the field of construction. Not to forget, we also involve local residents to accelerate the process of building the office.

The groundbreaking of this construction was held on Friday, June 7, 2024. We hope that through the construction of this building, the company can expand more in accordance with our vision in providing the best solutions in the needs of medical devices in Indonesia.


The process of laying the first stone was carried out by Mr. Andriatno Martono together with Mr. Bachder as an executive officer at PT Revass Utama Medika. With a shovel as a symbolic form for the start of the construction of this new Revass building.

The president director of PT Revass, Andriatno Martono, explained that the construction of the new PT Revass building was motivated by the rapid development of the company. In addition, the current building is unable to accommodate employee activities.

“We currently have more than 200 employees, 40% of whom work in the Jabodetabek area. With the growth of our company, the office building we are using now is not able to accommodate employee activities, so we want to build a more comfortable working atmosphere and to increase productivity at work,” said Andriatno Martono, president director of PT Revass Utama Medika.



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