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Juni 25, 2024

Honoring Tradition and Kindness: PT Revass Utama Medika Presents a Cow for Qurbani Day

In the midst of the meaningful celebration of Eid al-Adha for Muslims around the world, the spirit of sharing and qurbani becomes a very important aspect. Not only as a form of worship, but also as a form of social and community care. Revass Utama Medika, with its commitment to humanitarian values and care for the community, has gone a step further by donating a cow for this year’s Qurbani Day.

Supporting Community Welfare and Needs

The donated cows not only provide meat for qurban, but also provide emotional support for the beneficiaries who feel remembered and appreciated by the community and the company. Recognizing the importance of the qurban holiday in benefiting communities in need, Revass chose to donate several cows as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

This action not only reflects a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, but also paves the way for other communities to engage in meaningful acts of kindness. Hopefully, this step will inspire other companies to participate in providing tangible benefits to the surrounding community.

Through this Revassian Qurban action, the Company not only strengthens the values of care and humanity in the corporate culture, but also builds a more harmonious relationship with the community. This step proves that a successful business is not only measured by its financial success, but also by the positive impact it can bring to the surrounding environment. May this spirit of sharing continue to illuminate Revass’ journey towards a better future, with careful attention to care and also the vision of becoming the number one medical device distributor company in Indonesia.

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