Radial Artery Compression Tourniquet

• Clear visualization through transparent air bag

• Controlled air release locker

• Adjustable bandage length


Radial Compression Device Description

Radial Compression Device Features

• Specially designed for radial artery hemostasis of post percutaneous puncture.

• Transparent material ensures clear visual control of hemostasis procedure.

• Unilateral valve connected to the balloon allows of accurate pressure adjustment to provide personalized hemostasis procedure.

• Adjustable band length is convenient to fit for patient’s comfort.

• Stopcock on syringe helps with easy and accurate deflation.

Product Benefits

• Easy control of hemostasis process

• Convenient and safe deflation

• Comfortable hemostasis for patients

Product Ranges

• Air bag structure: single / dual

• Max. air volume: 18ml / 20ml

• Connector: Lock type / Common

• Bandage length:


Direction for Use

Ordering Information

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