Orien Guiding Catheter

• Soft and flexible tip

• Flat-wire-braided middle layer

• Smooth PTFE internal wall

• Large lumen size


Product Description

Product Features

• Flat wire braided middle layer offers outstanding flexibility and excellent kink resistance.

• Robust secondary curve provides great backup support and curve retention.

• Soft and flexible tip minimize the damage to the vessel wall.

• PTFE internal wall provides smooth lumen to ensure the excellent trackability.

• Large lumen guarantees the good performance for kissing balloon.

Product Benefits

• Outstanding trackability

• Excellent kink resistance

• Minimized damage to vessel wall

• Great backup support

Product Ranges

• Catheter O.D.: 5F / 6F / 7F

• Catheter length: 100cm

• Curve type:

Left coronary curves

Judkins Left

Amplatz Left

Extra Backup

• Right coronary curves:

Judkins Right

Amplatz Right

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