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Founded in 2010

PT. Revass Utama Medika

  • Appointed as OrbusNeich sales and sole distributor in Indonesia
  • Currently promote and distribute medical device for OrbusNeich, Lepu Medical and BenQ medical

Product & Services

Product PT. Revass Utama Medika

Stent And Balloon

The stent is designed to repair vessel injury and regenerate endothelium fostering natural vessel healing. The balloon is used as a coronary dilatation catheter which divided into semicompliant, noncompliant, and speciality balloon. Furthermore, the balloon can be used as a peripheral dilatation catheter which can be applied on below the knee arterial, superficial femoral and fistula stenosis.

Accessories and Occluder

The interventional accessories and occlusion devices such as memopart occluder, catheters, guide wires, introducer sheaths, tourniquet, inflation device, and another PCI Product has already got a CE Mark. Furtheremore, Lepu Brilliant Introducer kit has already got the FDA Approval. As a distributor company, we serve our customer with the best quality and high tech medical devices standard

Compression Device

Chitosan-based and PVA Sponge of ANSCARETM hemostatic product which made by BENQ Material Corporation. Chitosan is used to help wound exudates management and platelet aggregation after surgery treatments. The hydrophilic PVA sponges enable quick wound exudate absorbability and maintain moist environment condition. We offer the hemostatic product from BENQ for pad and compression device (radial or femoral)

Anti Radiation Cabin

Mobile anti-radiation cabin to the protect operators against dangers from regular exposure of X-rays, which made by LemerPax. We offer several type of cabin such as Cathpax AF (Protection cabin for EP Procedures) and Cathpax Air (Protection Cabin for hemodynamic procedure, both vascular and peripheral).

Drug Coated Balloon

Sirolimus Drug Coated Balloon Catheter for the treatment of the Coronary Artery Disease, Indicated for In Stent Restenosis, Small Vessels and Bifurcation Lesions.

Revass Private Brand Accessories

We already get some of private brand from our partners for distribute the accessories product like Revass Hemostasis Bandage, Revass Guiding Catheter (RGC), Revass Hydrophilic Angiograpic Guidewire (RHA) and Revass Hydrophilic Guidewire (RHG). Those private brand is used to increase company branding promotion.

Our Partner

We are committed to distribute the best quality medical device from our partners